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Increase the shelf life of perfumes

November 25, 2018 5 min read

Increase the shelf life of perfumes

A long-lasting fragrance

A perfume is something very special. It can express or create moods and underlines a person's unique personality. Each person has his own preferences and usually also his favorite fragrance. Often we choose our fragrance according to the occasion. Thus, the daily perfume is usually an unobtrusive, light fragrance. Especially in the office it should be rather discreet. In the evening it may be a little more intense, sweeter or more exotic. Also in summer a light fragrance is usually more pleasant, whereas in winter we also like to resort to a slightly heavier fragrance. Fragrances also have an effect on our counterpart. They can look familiar or attractive, feminine and masculine or playful. Every person wants to smell good - all day long. Perfume is something exclusive and stands for a well-groomed person. It can also suggest pure luxury. It is important to us how we act on our counterparts. Therefore, the question of the durability and intensification of a fragrance is something that concerns many people. The positive answer is: yes, we can make a fragrance more durable on the skin, so that we can perceive and exude our favorite fragrance for longer, where perception actually deceives us.

In the course of the day, we can no longer perceive our own fragrance, because our sensory organ has become accustomed to the fragrance. Therefore, the application of perfume also carries the risk of using too much. A scent cloud can become just as unpleasant as an unpleasant smell. A well-considered dosage is therefore the basis of a pleasant fragrance.

In order to be able to smell a perfume for longer, a high-quality perfume should be used.

This contains significantly more fragrance molecules, which exude a more intense fragrance. A good perfume also contains an oily base, which additionally ensures more durability. An Eau de Parfum is also a quality feature. The pure perfume, on the other hand, envelops its wearer in a special way and for hours with an exclusive scent cloud. This is also the next valuable tip.

Apply your fragrance best after shower and care.

At this time, the pores are open and the fragrance molecules can be stored very well. Moisture is a particularly good basis for applying a perfume. A creamy or oily base after creaming also ensures a better shelf life, as the molecules stick better here. The molecules can also penetrate better and deeper into the skin. Therefore, never spray your fragrance on dry skin, as it evaporates too quickly here. Also, you need a smaller amount of the perfume to still produce an intense effect. The fewest fragrances are contained in so-called Eau de Toilettes or Eau de Cologne. These fragrances evaporate correspondingly faster than the variants of the Eau de Parfum or Perfume. It is therefore worth investing in an Eau de Parfum, as it is longer-lasting and intense and the fragrances stand out particularly well and are not overlaid by a high alcohol content. It becomes particularly intense and harmonious when you choose the right lotion for your fragrance. This is how a double fragrance intensity develops. Otherwise, choose a neutral body lotion or vaseline so as not to distort the scent. An alternative is also a lipstick as a basis. The slightly waxy consistency preserves the fragrance particularly long. Even the right shower gel ensures a delicately fragrant skin during cleaning. Fragrances are often offered as a package with the appropriate shower gel and body lotion. Another insider's tip is to fog your hair. For this purpose, there are also special hair perfumes, which have been specially created for application in hair. They usually contain less alcohol than normal perfume, which in turn protects the hair from drying out. Hair can also store the fragrance molecules particularly long-lasting and spray the fragrance with every movement. When the scent is sprayed into the air, just put yourself under the cloud. This way you will be completely enveloped.

A common mistake is the rubbing of the skin – usually the wrists.

This process destroys many scent molecules immediately after spraying. It is better to wait a short time until the fragrance is dried and absorbed. Basically, contrary to many opinions, the fragrance should be soaked on the parts of the body, which are least heavily blooded and therefore rather cool. These include the earlobes or the knees. Parts of the body that are strongly blooded, such as wrists, décolleté or neck, certainly ensure a rapid and intense development of the fragrance. However, the fragrance is quickly "exhaled" again and flies away.

When spraying yourself, it should be noted that the fragrance is sprayed from the bottom up, as the fragrances settle down to the sky.

In this way, a particularly large number of fragrance molecules are absorbed and no precious drops are given away. In addition, there are fragrances that smell particularly intense and long-lasting. These include, for example, amber, leather, musk or wooden ingredients. For this reason, these nuances are often taken as base notes. They can be seen on the skin for up to 2 days. Citrus notes, on the other hand, evaporate very quickly and after only a few minutes.

One trick to make fresh, light and citrus yuric fragrances last longer is to overlay fragrances.

A long-lasting fragrance is taken as a base and sprayed with a light fragrance. Thus, the fragrance lasts longer, but also exudes its light, floral or fruity note. Of course, the fragrance can also be refreshed again and again throughout the day. As a result, the fragrance molecules are reactivated and form a new and harmonious fragrance direction, even with different fragrancenotes. In this way, every woman can also create her own special fragrance.

Proper storage of the bottle also ensures that the perfume remains durable for longer.

After all, a fragrance is not eternally durable. Fragrance molecules evaporate and oxidize, and a fragrance can also turn around and then unfortunately no longer smell good. He then gets a rancid note and in the worst case only the alcohol nuances stand out. Therefore, the bottle should always be kept protected from extreme temperature fluctuations. This applies to cold and heat alike. Even bright, aggressive sunlight should not be directly exposed to the bottle. The best storage location is dark, dry and at room temperature. Optimal is a small cupboard. A little insider tip at the end: Add a splash of your favorite fragrance to the ironing water. This way, your clothes get a pleasantly fresh touch of your personal fragrance when smoothing.

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